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What is Corona virus
Coronaviruses are a group of infections known for containing strains that cause conceivably dangerous illnesses in warm blooded creatures and winged animals. In people they're ordinarily spread by means of airborne beads of liquid delivered by contaminated people.

There square measure quite 1.25 million individuals worldwide and quite 5500 have died because of corona virus. In Asian country too, the quantity of corona virus victims is increasing day by day.

According to wire service PTI, there square measure 107 cases of corona infection in Asian country at the present. 2 individuals have died. to this point the illustrious range of patients in Asian country is incredibly low in terms of the manner corona is unfold in additional than a hundred and twenty countries of the globe. After all, what's the reason?

Corona Virus Cases..

New York
wk 1 - 2
wk 2 - 105
wk 3 - 613

wk 1 - 12
wk 2 - 191
wk 3 - 653
wk 4 - 4499

wk 1 - 2
wk 2 - 43
wk 3 - 245
wk 4 - 4747
wk 5 - 12729

wk 1 - 3
wk 2 - 152
wk 3 - 1036
wk 4 - 6362
wk 5 - 21157

wk 1 - 8
wk 3 - 674
wk 4 - 6043


Week 1 - 3
Week 2 - 24
Week 3 - 105

Next two weeks are crucial for India.
If we take adequate precaution and break the chain then we can tide the Corona virus Outbreak else we have a big problem in hand especially for the elderly population
So far so good. India has done well so far in its fight to contain Corona Virus. Now we are in stage 3 in which Virus spreads through social contacts & in social gatherings. This is most critical stage & number of confirmed cases spread exponentially everyday like what happened in Italy between last week of February & second week of March. From 300 to 10,000. If India is not able to manage this stage for next 3 to 4 weeks then we could have confirmed cases not in Thousands but in Lakhs. This next one month is crucial. That is why most events & public gatherings have been closed till 15th April.

Just because schools are closed avoid getting that compulsive travel & Holiday bug. Holidays will come next year too why try your luck with Corona specially with children. Marriage functions, Birthday parties etc can wait. Don’t try your luck & that bravado that nothing will happen to me. Next 30 days will be most crucial in medical History of India. Take all precautions while at home & while outside for any important work. Precaution is not panic.

Be a responsible citizen by following & educating others to remain careful for next one month.


1.             How contagious is coronavirus?

The corona virus is very contagious and is spread by airborne infections. Its elements dissolve in air and are put on another person. The main way to spread it is through air. The corona virus spreads through the air.

2.     What states don't have coronavirus?

Out of 28 states in India, only 7 or 8 states have found Rona patients or people in whom these symptoms have been found. Most states are safe from coronaviruses, but keeping a watchful eye, most states have been holidayed till March 31. The congested areas have been closed, and the vegetable market, market etc. have been closed.

3.     Is coronavirus deadly?

Corona virus is a dangerous infection, thousands of people have died worldwide. No medicine has been made at this time, so caution is being exercised everywhere in every state, in every country, so that there is no vaccine to prevent it, because of this virus killed people worldwide. The number is increasing. It started getting its patients in India 3 weeks ago, so far 110 patients have been found. The same one or two patients have died due to coronavirus, in view of this, holidays have been declared in the whole country.

4.   How many people have died from coronavirus?

Live updates: Coronavirus deaths pass 6,500 worldwide.

Due to Corona virus, 6500 people have died all over the world. According to the news of a big newspaper, this figure is around 6500. This virus is very dangerous. The only solution is to avoid it until a vaccine is produced.

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